Monitoring of places of deprivation / restriction of freedom is one of the key mechanisms to combat torture and ill-treatment. Monitoring performs several functions at once. It helps to identify and document the facts of improper treatment of people by officials and persons acting in an official capacity. Monitoring contributes to the prevention of various forms of ill-treatment and is a mechanism for the direct submission of a complaint for persons held in closed penal institutions. We are convinced that the practice of civil monitoring of closed penal institutions affects the reduction of cases of torture and ill-treatment, and allows analyzing the systemic causes of this phenomenon.

The Coalition against Torture has been systematically performing monitoring since 2011. Since 2014, the Coalition has been making visits to places of detention together with the National Center for the Prevention of Torture and has been actively involved in the preparation of annual reports to the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic. Thus, in 2016, 491 joint visits to places of deprivation and restriction of freedom were made.