Coalition against Torture in Kyrgyzstan is an informal network of human rights defending organizations which works on promoting freedom from torture in Kyrgyzstan. The network was founded in 2011 for uniting efforts to eradicate the practice of torture and ill-treatment by improving legislation, raising awareness of the problem of torture and law enforcement. During its existence, the network has been able to establish itself as a well-functioning structure at the national and international level.

The coalition consists of 13 human rights organizations and 2 individuals. Coalition members are leading human rights organizations in the country with many years of experience in the protection and promotion of human rights. The work of the Coalition is based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, self-government and the rule of law.


  • Promoting a policy of “zero tolerance” towards torture;
  • Introduction of mechanisms for effective documentation of facts of torture and ill-treatment;
  • Improving the monitoring of places of detention of persons limited or deprived of their liberty;
  • Providing legal assistance through national and international mechanisms for victims of torture and their families;
  • Improving the national regulatory framework in order to bring it into line with international standards in the fight against torture;
  • Improvement of law enforcement practice, investigation and consideration of cases in courts, as well as the practice of providing legal assistance;
  • Improving the legal culture and public awareness of the problem of torture.



Joining efforts against torture in Kyrgyzstan: We believe that by 2025 Kyrgyzstan will ensure : legal guarantees reducing the risks of torture, effective documenting of all allegations of torture, offenders are held liable, victims receive adequate compensation and rehabilitation. For the sake of achieving our mission, we declare our commitment to the following core values in the Coalition’s activities:

  • The inviolability of human dignity – the absolute freedom from torture of everyone, torture is not permissible under any circumstances.
  • Human rights and freedoms are a prerequisite for ensuring a dignified life for a person.
  • The rule and supremacy of law – every person put to torture has the right to protection. All are equal before the law.

Considering the Coalition as the most important mechanism of public participation in the fight against torture, the implementation of civil control and effective interaction of citizens with the authorities, we declare our commitment to the following fundamental principles in our activities:

  1. Justice – that is justice with respect to the victim, the fight against impunity, the moral category to which we should be committed in our work, Equality – in our own circle, in the fight against torture. Unity – in making decisions together, sharing responsibility for decisions made.
  2. Commitment to human rights – the pooling of efforts, a uniform understanding;
  3. Professionalism – providing a client with full information, identification of all human rights violations, complete exhaustion of national and international protection mechanisms.



The Coalition’s Strategic Goal is to reduce the practice of torture and ill-treatment through the improvement of legislation, law enforcement practices and to raise awareness and support in the community and among stakeholders.

Within the framework of achieving this Strategic Goal, 5 areas (components) of activities are identified:

  1. By 2020, legislation guaranteeing effective documentation and investigation of the facts of torture and ill-treatment has been brought in line with international standards.
  2. The practice of investigating the facts of torture is conducted in accordance with international standards (efficiently / independently / thoroughly / in a timely manner), basic procedural guarantees of access for victims of torture to legal assistance and a fair trial are provided.
  3. The practice of civil monitoring of closed institutions affects the reduction of the practice of torture and ill-treatment and meets the requirements of efficiency, timeliness and measurability; recommendations introduced through legislation and law enforcement practice.
  4. Increasing the legal culture and awareness of the population about the problems of torture led to a decrease in tolerance in society for torture and ill-treatment.
  5. The Coalition against Torture is a stable, dynamic network of specialized organizations for the fight against torture that shapes public opinion, influences the decision-making process that clearly demonstrates the results of activities.



We believe that only joint efforts and the contribution of each will help us in the fight against torture and other forms of ill treatment. The coalition has a wide network of partners among governmental, non-governmental and international organizations.

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