Law enforcement officers detain citizens in a hard manner during daytime. Human rights activists believe that law enforcement officers are violating the law by their actions.
A video was posted on social networks of the Kyrgyz internet segment, where law enforcement officers rudely detained citizens and forced them to get into an official car. It is clear from the footage that the video was shot in the city of Kara-Suu, Osh region of Kyrgyzstan, where 40 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered so far.
In the three-minute video, which was filmed by the security forces themselves, the patrol rides through the city during the day. Reminders of the need to comply with the requirements of the state of emergency sound from the loudspeaker. During the patrol, the police see a man walking down the street towards the park. An order is given to stop the car and the man is detained, led into the car by the hands.
According to the same scheme, the police detain three more men. All four are put in the car – next to each other, although this fact already violates the safety requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. And only in the car they begin to ask about where they went and whether they have itinerary sheets.
“I don’t have one. I went to the bank, today I need to pay the loan, ” – one of the men answers.
Others also say that they were going to the bank to get money and buy food or medicine.
Patrollers also warned residents that those who went out on the street unreasonably would be brought to administrative responsibility. Although the commandant for the city of Osh, Kara-suu and Nookat districts of Osh region, Nurdin Malikov has not yet officially declared administrative responsibility. In addition, residents were not informed that citizens who went to a pharmacy or bank without itinerary for food would be detained.
Later, the press service of the commandant’s office of Osh, Kara-suu and Nookat districts of Osh region commented on the video. It was stated that the four detainees violated the rules of the state of emergency.
The Department said that before the arrest, these men had already been warned, but instead of going to the store or to the Bank, they were heading towards the Park. They justified the detentions by the need to find out where they were going.
“These measures are aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus. We understand that not every citizen will like such actions. But we have to take such measures for the sake of the safety of citizens,” the press release of the Ministry reports.
The press service of the commandant’s office noted that the Kara-suu residents who were detained for violating the rules of the state of emergency were taken to the district Department of Internal affairs. After establishing their identity, they, along with police officers, passed an Express test for coronavirus. The results of the tests are not reported in the press release.
Lawyer for the Coalition against torture Nurislam Raiymzhanov commented for ACCA on the legality of the actions of the security forces:
“The policemen who shamelessly shove people into the car on the video are exceeding their powers. They violate the human right to movement. Yes, the Osh region is currently under a state of emergency, with a curfew from 20.00 PM to 7.00 am. However, during the day, people can go to the store or pharmacy. At the same time, the security forces detaining citizens first grab them in a very rough form, put them in a car, and only then ask them where they are going and ask if there is a route list,” Raiymzhanov said.
He annoyed that although the commandant’s office calls this preventive work, it is actually a violation of human rights. In addition, law enforcement officers violate one of the articles of the law of the Kyrgyz Republic” on Internal affairs bodies”, according to which they are obliged to present themselves to citizens before demanding anything.
“This should also work during the state of emergency,” the lawyer believes.
Note that if a police officer refuses to show a service certificate, a citizen has the right not to comply with its requirements.
Raiymzhanov also explained that the absence of a route list is not a reason for being taken to the police station:
“They had to inquire about the destination, get acquainted with the itinerary and identity documents. If these people did not have passports, the police would have legal grounds to detain them in order to find out their identity,” the human rights defender said.
He complained that such behavior of law enforcement officers scares people: they do not understand what the rules are and what they have the right to do during the day.
Recall that in Kyrgyzstan, from March 25 to April 15, a state of emergency was introduced in those areas where the first cases of coronavirus were detected. The three largest cities of the country — Bishkek, Osh and Jalal-Abad, as well as the Suzak district of Jalal-Abad region, Nookat and Kara-suu districts of Osh region were among the zones of emergency.
Source: acca. media

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