The Coalition against torture requested from the Office of Legal Statistics of Accounting of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kyrgyz Republic to provide the statistics data on cases of torture allegation. (The right guaranteed by the law of the KR “On access to information held by state bodies and bodies of local self-government of the Kyrgyz Republic”).

According to the information provided by the department: “In 2018 there were registered 377 claims of torture; among them the criminal investigation was established in 27 cases, 9 of them were sent for trial, 9 of them were suspended and 9 of them were on the merits stage. Other 351 appeals were refused to start criminal investigation.

Moreover, based on the provided information by the department: “In 2019 in AIS URCM for 9 month were registered 186 torture allegations; the decisions on suspending in 35 cases  (from last years) were rejected and, as a result, 221 cases were registered in AIS URCM. Among those cases 60 of them were terminated, connected – 1, sent for trial – 3 and on the merits stage – 157”

In addition, “As at 9 December 2019 the district court reviews 4 criminal cases against 11 individuals who are accused under the article 305-1 of the Criminal Code of Kyrgyz Republic. The appeal court reviews 2 criminal cases against 10 individuals. The supervisory authority doesn’t have any cases to review”.

Additionally, the coalition against torture requested from the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic to provide information about the  cases the first, the second and the supervisory instances review. Mainly, how many cases were reviewed under the article 143 (305-1) CCKR and the amount of sentences among them.

The Supreme Court informed following: “In 2019 for 9 months the district court received 1 case, terminated – 1, completed – 1 and the individuals of the terminated cases – 2. The appeal court: reviewed – 2 cases/ individuals – 4, order of termination which was not changed – 1, changed order – 3. The Supreme Court: reviewed – 2 cases / 7 individuals; the court decisions of the district court which were upheld – 3, the decisions of the district court which were canceled – 4”.

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