“Bishkek Legal Initiative” Public Foundation

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“Bishkek Legal Initiative” Public Foundation is a non-profit human rights organization founded in 2017. The organization carries out its activities to protect and promote free space for civil society in the context of human rights. The fund operates in Bishkek.

The head is Adamaliev
Rysbek Sheralievich

The key priority areas are:

  • Protection of the right to freedom from torture in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Protection of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association;
  • Education in the field of human rights and freedoms in the Kyrgyz language;
  • Preparation of thematic special messages to UN special rapporteurs;
  • Preparation and drafting of individual complaints to the Human Rights Committee of the UN.

Contact information:

E-mail: ilifoundationkg@gmail.com
Facebook: ОФ «Правовая инициатива Бишкек»
Instagram: Ili_bishkek_official
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