Human rights organization “Justice” from Jalal-Abad, the member of the Coalition against Torture, became the participant of World Organisation against Torture (organization Mondiale Contre la Torture OMCT – International Association of Nongovernmental Organizations). 
 World Organisation against Torture – one of the largest and the most influencial human rights organizations in the world. The member of the Coalition against Torture in Kyrgyzstan became the part of international association of 300 nongovernmental organizations, which are jointly fighting for the principle of personal integrity, according to which, the person cannot be arbitrarily deprived of liberty, detained, arrested or expelled. The organization opposes torture, mass and illegal executions, enforced “disappearances” and other forms of violence.

Human  rights organization “Justice” was founded in 1994, and it provides free legal aid in Kyrgyzstan starting from the first days of its activity, whilst the government started to practice free legal aid only since 2006. The organization’s priority – fight with the acts of torture and provision of legal aid to population. In order to attract the attention of the international community to the cases of torture and cruel treatment in the country, and to the exact people, who suffered from torture, the human rights organization send 4 complaints to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and 18 reports to the UN Human Rights Comittee during 2018. 

Acceptance of the human rights organization “Justice” from Kyrgyzstan to the membership of World Organisation against Torture (OMCT) is a vivid evidance that the civil socity organization has big respect for its activity in the field of human rights and rule of law in Kyrgyzstan.
International society attaches great importance to the activities of the NGO, since it is one of the human rights defenders on national-governmental level. National institutes on human rights are important chains in respecting human rights, because they are the ones, along with other civil society institutes, who monitor the implementation of international standards within the country.
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