On 26 June each year, tens of thousands of people from over the world come together to protest against torture. This year, we decided to take notice of public attention to victims of torture and ill-treatment. Most of the victims say that the most serious thing was how they felt afterwards. Torture is aimed at the destruction of a man as a person, with a long-term psychological effect. Doctor will be cured injuries, wounds, but he will not be able to cure the consequences of torture so quickly, it takes a lot longer. Survivors of torture have to learn to live with it because they will always remember it. We must not forget that more than one person suffers of it. His destroyed life affects to his relatives and surroundings. As a result, not only the victim's support is required, but for surroundings too. And it shows that torture is a disease for society. Torture – destroys a person. It affects his entire life. The consequences of torture terrorize society, its communities. It destroys trust in the state, its institutions and laws. As a result, a country cannot have normal development, peace in society and democracy. On 26 June 2019, the Coalition against torture get round an information campaign at Issyk-Kul region on the theme: "We are against torture". The «Accent» Public Foundation, represented by Anna Makarova, travelled around the lake in two cars together with volunteers and held meetings with local residents of the villages, as well as with representatives of government agencies and law enforcement officials. The purpose of such an information campaign is to draw public attention to the existing problem of torture and ill-treatment. By joining forces against torture, we call on the state to criminalize torture and on the judiciary to impose fair verdicts.

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